Royal Villa 1

Season: from May to September
Guests: max 300
Rooms: 3
Boat Docking: yes
B&B: no


This villa overlooks all his elegance on the waters of Lake Maggiore from a unique position, made even more fascinating by the possibility of direct access from the waters of the lake through a romantic pier.

Once on dry land has direct access to the vast garden, with its extraordinary specimens of camellias, azaleas and rhododendron trees, is the right place where organize elegant weddings, luncheons and gala dinners.

A place of rare beauty, to welcome guests with an aperitif on the terrace overlooking the lake and continue with lunch or dinner in the romantic covered structure, which echoes the style of the reasons large greenhouses nineteenth century.

Within the events are hosted in the cellars, which once welcomed the kitchens and the reserve wine list: sometimes cooked, noble statues, walls and pillars of granite rockery make the atmosphere of this prestigious and fascinating.





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Lake Maggiore Wedding Style  
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